Wheels, Hastings MN

Wheel Service in Hastings, MN

Your car, SUV or truck’s wheels could be long due for an upgrade. Maybe you want to improve handling or steering wheel response, or just want to get that nice aesthetic finishing touch on your ride.

No matter the reason, we are the go-to wheel shop in Hastings MN. At Oil Line Automotive, we have all you need in the right size, style, design and configuration.

We carry Minnesota’s best selection of performance tires, black wheels and chrome rims. Our inventory includes popular brands of wheels in ready stock and waiting for you. You can rely on us to create the perfect wheels in your preferred finish, diameter and alloy.

Wheel Repair and Installation in Hastings, MN

Want to make your gouged, scratched or bent wheels look brand-new? No one does it better than us.

Oil Line Automotive can work on everything wheel-related, including small crack repair and corrosion to bends and curb rashes. Customers can choose OEM replacements and even custom coloring solutions for wheels that are too badly damaged to be repaired.

Our years of experience means you get high-quality auto services and workmanship warranty every time you pull into our shop.

State of the Art Wheel Alignment

You could be having problems with handling or show premature tire wear. If this is the case then a wheel alignment is in order.

Over time and with constant wear and tear (and the occasional curb and pothole incidents), your car or truck’s wheel alignment will be knocked out.

Oil Line Automotive has the latest diagnostic tools and experience to know your vehicle’s alignment specification and meet them in every detail. Our technicians will restore alignment so you experience a smoother and safer ride.

Wheel alignment not only keeps you and your car from having auto accidents but it can save you hundreds of dollars in tread wear and gas mileage.

Custom Wheels That Turn Heads

Custom rims can really add character to any car, and here at Oil Line Automotive we want your driving performance to be superb as well.

SUV, heavy-duty trucks and luxury sedan owners will be spoiled for choices when it comes to getting the best aftermarket wheels for their ride. Our professional technicians can design the rim of your dreams. Pick the style, color and shade and we’ll get down to it!

Why Choose Us

Top-Notch Wheel Services

Buying a set of new wheels is not a simple process. Car owners will need to do some research on what types are suitable and which ones are not.

Most of the time you’ll need to rely on professional technicians to craft the perfect set of wheels for your car. Plus, the shop must have after-sales support in case you run into any issue.

At Oil Line Automotive, we do our best for each customer looking to upgrade or customize his or her car with custom wheels. Our trained technicians can guide you in navigating wheel characteristics, such as performance, configuration and style.

Our custom wheels are made with the best materials that undergo a cutting edge process using precision engineering. The result is an unparalleled set of wheels that’s one of a kind.

Wide Selection of Wheels

Want to upgrade your truck or car with OEM factory or custom wheels? You’ll need a one-stop shop so you can save time.

Oil Line Automotive provides a comprehensive range of wheels with finishes, e.g., matte, black, chrome or custom painted, which means you have a higher chance of finding what you like.

Size options can be 18 inch all the way to a monstrous 32 inch wheel. Furthermore, you can pick black wheels, off road, three piece and custom wheels.

Contact Oil Line Automotive for Quality Wheels in Hastings MN

We are a one-stop automotive shop for wheel repair, replacement and customization. More than that, we keep a competitive eye on pricing and always offer a fair price to our valued customers.

Get a set of wheels in your design today. Contact us to speak with an Oil Line Automotive wheel expert who’s always happy to help!

Tips on Buying Wheels

Oil Line Automotive’s Tips on Buying Wheels in Hastings MN

In the market for new wheels in Hastings MN? It’s best to have an idea of which wheel material is best suited for what you need. Car and truck owners today are spoiled for choices when it comes to wheel selection, but that luxury comes at a price, more specifically the range of options can be overwhelming.

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