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Four signs that your car has pothole damage

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Visible damage to your tires.

Dents, cracks or chips in your rim is a sure sign of pothole damage and could seriously have damaged your tire. Leading to an unexpected blowout in the future if not carefully inspected or repaired. If the sidewall of your tire has a noticeable bulge or bubble it could mean that the inner lining of your tire was damaged when it struck the pothole. Don't compromise your safety, stop into Oil Line Automotive for a free, no obligation estimate to repair your tire. 

Shaking or an abnormal feel in the steering wheel.

If you notice vibrations or shaking in the steering wheel after an encounter with a pothole, chances are good you have damage in a steering component. If your steering feels off center, pulls to the left or the right, your wheels have become misaligned. Oil Line Automotive can inspect your alignment and get your car realigned quickly. 

Leaking fluid from your car.

Some potholes are deep enough that your car will "bottom out", impacting the road surface. With enough force, this will damage your oil pan or other important undercarriage components causing fluids to leak. Even if your car is not leaking fluids, a scrape your car's undercarriage can lead to rust or other long term damage. Oil Line Automotive, in Hastings can spot the damage before it becomes a serious problem.

Unusual noises from your exhaust system.

Hitting a pothole can rip loose or break portions of your car's exhaust system, You'll quickly hear that you have exhaust damage. If your car is making new or strange noises that you have not heard before it's time to let Oil Line Automotive take a look. They can fix the damage before it becomes a severe issue in the future.

Does your car have any of these signs?
If so, you may have pothole damage. 

Don't let the small issues become big repairs.

Oil Line Automotive serves all of Hastings, MN and the surrounding areas. Their fast and friendly technicians will find the problem and provide you with a free fair and honest estimate.  Quick repairs will have you back on the road again in no time.

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We stand behind our reputation and so do our customers.

Did a fantastic job on my alignment

Did a fantastic job on my alignment of my older vehicle. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Will definitely be back.

Keaton Haydon

“These guys are my go to guys for anything...”

These guys are my go to guys for anything exhaust related. They put a performance muffler and tip on my truck and I love it. Definitely check these guys out!

John Turnbull

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