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The Shock of Strutting Down Roads

The “Shock” of Strutting Down Roads without Shock Services

Do you know the difference between shocks and struts in your vehicle? Do you know what their primary functions are and the things that you should be looking out for prior to servicing them? For someone who isn’t very familiar with vehicles and their inner workings, these questions almost feel like they’re in a different language! But don’t worry, because those questions can be answered here and now for you before you even have to take your car to get its next oil change.

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What To Expect From A Shock Repair Service

What to Expect from a Shock Repair Service

How do you know when you should repair instead of replace your shocks? Even under normal driving conditions, these shock absorbers will undergo a tremendous amount of stress and rapid movement, which eventually starts to cause wear. Signs of failure will generally become noticeable at around 50,000 miles, depending on road conditions, vehicle performance and

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